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Monica Hui is a girl of many passions. Growing up as an only child, she frequented fabric stores with her mom (like a good daughter) and home improvement stores with her dad (like a good son). With her acquired skills in both areas, she loves pretty things and is a frequent DIY-er. She is the girlfriend every bride needs and the go-to girl with your wedding questions and dilemmas because she is never tired of talking about your wedding. Have a burning question you need answered? Email her at monica@wishahmon.com.

Monica is also the owner of Wishahmon which is a wedding and event planning company based in Calgary, Alberta. She has been invited as a wedding expert on a multicultural radio station for four years in a row and her work has been featured in many notable blogs and Get Married magazine. Since starting her business in 2007, she is committed to giving back to the community through charity work and fundraisers. She has participated in charity and non-profit events for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Calgary Public Library, and the Calgary Zoo raising over $450,000.  

Ken Hsueh is the best friend for every groom. Being a happily married man, he knows what to say/do before and after the wedding. If you are groom unsure of how to tie a bow tie or what to look for when buying an engagement ring, Ken will likely have the answer for you. You can also email him directly at ken@wishahmon.com with questions.

Guest Contributor
Vincci Tsui is a registered dietitian and recently newly married. She answered some of our reader’s questions regarding how to lose weight before your wedding. She also documented her wedding planning on our blog. Although at times wedding planning was stressful for her, she shows our readers how to just go with the flow and trust that everything will work out on the big day.

Guest Contributor
Krista Rondeau is our anti-bride supporter. She shares tips on how to get married without doing the whole traditional wedding thing. You have to read her posts if you are want to get to the finish line (get married) without running the marathon (wedding planning).

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