Friday, February 28, 2014

WN: Cool Seating Chart

This wedding notification was sent to me via email with the following statement: "Whoa, better check your seat before you get a couple of drinks."

Thanks P for the letting me know about this very organized, cool, and unique seating chart!

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Unique Seating Chart (& easy to change at the last minute!) The Cream Event Los Angeles, Jesi Haack Design, JL Design, string art, seating chart, gold, greenery

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Surviving a Day in Heels

Back in January at the Wedding Fair, I was one of the few vendors that wore heels the entire day. My crew members and some brides were astonished I would do such a thing. I just said "why not?" Now, in all honesty, my feet was killing me by the end of the day. However, I did make it to the end of the day in heels and with good posture.

A lot of brides tell me they are going to wear a "kick-ass" pair of heels for their ceremony and pictures and then change into Converse (love!), UGGs (dislove!), flip flops, flats, or boots. I tell them the change in height of footwear will definitely affect their wedding gown. When I ask why the change, the answer is always "because my feet will hurt."

Here are my tips on how to survive a day in heels:

I think these are the prettiest shoes I've ever seen. Elegant.....if one can say that about a shoe :)

1. Know your feet. One foot might be bigger, one foot might swell up faster, you might have flat feet, etc. Regardless, learn about your feet and pay attention to what type of heels you can wear the longest. Also, look at your shoes to see where they wear out first. It might very much be how you are walking that affects how much your feet is "killing you."

2. Find a pair of heels that fit (close to) perfectly. If the shoe fits, it’s going to cause you less pain. Heels should fit as snugly as possible without feeling tight—this will keep your arch supported and prevent slipping, which causes blisters.

3. Customize your shoe by faking it. You would totally sew in padding in your wedding gown, why wouldn't you do the same for your shoes? Where there are issues (loose, pinching, blistering), find a solution for it. Ie. Insoles! Remember your shoes don't have to match on the inside. You may need different types of padding on each shoe. Who cares and who really needs to know, right?!

4. Be creative. It’s not about the height of the heel, it’s about the angle of your foot. Look for a platform. The heel height might be four inches, but with a one-inch platform it will only feel like three. Having straps on your heels may also make a difference in comfort.

5. Practice walking. Do not "save" your wedding shoes for the special day.Practice walking in your heels and do not wear them for the first time on your wedding day.  It will be very much less special when they hurt and you hate your new Manolos. If possible, (when you know your fiance won't be around), wear them with your wedding gown too. It will be a fun process for you.

Hope these tips help! Let me know if you have other tips! I will definitely share them with our readers!!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Unstructured Wedding Bouquets

Recently, I met with some clients that said I was the first vendor that actually "gets them." I said it might be because I am actually listening to them. They told me their recent encounter with a florist was a bad one because she would not listen to what the bride wanted; was not open to trying new things; tried to convince her of a round bouquet with roses, carnations, and calla lilies; and she wanted them to commit and sign a contract that day. O.M.G.

This blog is dedicated to that bride. There are lots of different bouquets and you will find a florist that "gets you."

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Catherine Mac Photography

Rebecca Arthurs

 A Bryan Photo

 Frank Carnaggio Photography

 Michael Radford Photography

 Bob Gail Special Events

 Bare Root Flora

 The Goodness

 Courtney Aaron

 Ama Photography & Cinema

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sexiest Wedding Gowns (Part 2)

There was just too many sexiness for one blog post. As such, we had to split the sexy gowns of Berta Bridal into two parts! Enjoy brides (and grooms!).

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Circus Themed Photo Shoot

Last year, I tweeted (something to the effect of) "Helped a bride find a wedding gown for her circus wedding." Almost immediately I got contacted by Kevin of Kiss Photo inquiring what I meant by my tweet. I explained to him that my bride was going to have her wedding when the circus comes into town in March. She knows one of the organizers and she is allowed all access at the circus. Kevin thought that was so cool and we collaborated on a photoshoot was put together in weeks. 

It took me three tries before the circus organizers allowed us access to the circus. During our second conversation, she asked me if I wanted elephants for my photo shoot. Of course, I said YES! She said it is $3000 to have the elephants cleaned and dressed. I asked her how much are the elephants if they are dirty and naked? The organizer laughed her head off and said she will get me access to the elephants. 

The day of the shoot was wonderful and quite magical. Everything fell into place and the elephants were amazing! (The elephants ended up being clean and naked.) The group of vendors acted like little kids at the circus and even took turns taking pictures/videos with the elephants too! 

Here is the group of little kid vendors: 
Coordination: Monica @ Wishahmon Wedding Creations
Photographer: Kevin @ Kiss Photo
Wedding Gowns: Monica @ Wishahmon Glorious Gowns
Hair: Jag Moussa @ The Ginger Group
Make Up: Agnieszka Bara 
Flowers: Laura Hamilton
Jewelry: Kari Woo
Models: Sophie Barry and Bianca Stevens

Check out the stunning pictures from our first photo collaboration!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Amazing Floral Centerpieces

Previously, we blogged about what our dream wedding ceremony would look like if we had a client that had an unlimited budget to spend on ceremony flowers. If this same client also had an unlimited budget for reception flowers, these are the amazing floral centerpieces we would suggest. There is no such thing as too many flowers. Who doesn't love flowers?

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Photography: Steve Steinhardt Photography // Floral DesignHolly Flora // Wedding Design: Beth Helmstetter Events // via SMP

Event Design: David Pressman Events // via One Wed

Photography Anna Kim // Floral DesignFloral Inspirations // via Pacific Weddings 

Photography:  Vis Photography // Floral DesignInviting Occasion // via Wedding Party 

PhotographyAdam Nyholt Photography //  Decor: Events in Bloom // via SMP

Photography: Mel Barlow // Floral Design + via TantawanBloom

Photographer: F8 Studio // Flowers & Decor: Bella Flora of Dallas // via Southern Weddings

PhotographyThisBe Grace Photography // Flowers:  Jordan Payne Events // via Tulle Tales

Photography: Catherine Mead // Floral Design + via By Appointment Only Design

PhotographyDuke PhotographyFloral DesignAnthony’s of Brentwood, via Ceremony Blog

Monday, February 10, 2014

Real Calgary Weddings - Mary Frances and Riley Harper

My girl friend and I were chatting over coffee on a cozy afternoon in a cafe when a wedding party walked in and caught my eyes - subtle neutral Desert Sand / Beaver colour scheme, with a splash of Brick Red on the groom's tie! (If you were wondering, we are speaking Pantone here.) 

It was the wedding party of Mr. and Mrs. Harper, they sported the most beautiful winter wedding colours that I have seen this season! They might look a bit casual, but the chic, fashionable details were just perfect for their special day for the Calgarian winter. The girls were wearing cozy cardigans, guys in sweaters, and the richness of each neutral shade complimented the delicate lace details on the girls' sleeves and the custom-made wedding dress. Oh my! I fell in love with them.

What a delightful encounter! Thanks so much for letting me take a pic and blog about you! Cheers to the Happily-ever-after!

I love brides and wedding gowns. My specialty is helping brides find the perfect wedding gown!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sexiest Wedding Gowns (Part 1)

These are by FAR the sexiest wedding gowns I have seen. They are from Berta Bridal and they take backless and sheer lace wedding gowns to new heights. If you are a bride looking for a sexy gown, these are the ones for you. If you are groom that just happened to come across this post, try not to drool too much.

If you are wondering what undergarments to wear under these gowns, you will have your work cut out for you, literally. In these cases, tape will be your new BFF.

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