Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Picture of True Love

When I saw this picture my eyes started to tear up. It totally melted my heart to see that this couple had their wedding outfits hung up together. Not side by side in garment bags but hugging each other. Imagine walking into a closet and seeing this! Would you be surprised, creeped out, or would your heart melt too?

In my mind, this is a picture of true love. If the couple was as much in love as their wedding outfits, one word to them "Congrats!"

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The couple who always had their wedding outfits hanging together:

Photo Credit:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bouquets Made of MONEY

I was having a convo with a friend when she complained about how much a wedding bouquet costs. I tried to tell her the pros of getting a floral bouquet and alternatively, non-floral bouquets. She didn't like any of my suggestions and that is when I blurted out: "Why don't you just get a bouquet made out of money then? You can actually see where your money is." She laughed out loud and said she was going to look into it. Seriously?!

Ok, seriously now. I figured someone must have thought of this already, so I googled it. Sure enough, Oren Florist, a floral shop in Malaysia makes bouquets out of money. The bouquets actually look pretty good and not tacky. In addition to using them as wedding bouquets, it would make a great "Will you marry me?" bouquet too!

If you were to make a bouquet out of Canadian dollars, would you want a red bouquet ($50.00 blooms) or champagne colored bouquet ($100.00 blooms)? I would settle for a purple bouquet($10.00 blooms) with lots of blooms!

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Money Flower Bouquet

Money Flower Bouquet

Money Flower Bouquet

Money Flower Bouquet

Photo Credits: Oren Florist

Friday, July 26, 2013

Trillium Trailer Renovation - Bruce

This blog post has nothing to do with weddings. The only tie in (which is a stretch) is that I will be chilling in this trillium trailer during odd weekends when I am not doing a wedding in the summer and during non-wedding season. (It has a heater so totally doable in the fall...or winter?)

Couple of years ago, the BF took me out tent camping. I wasn't in my element but I am always open to trying something new. We did that for a couple of years and then we tried truck camping, where we slept under a soft canopy in the truck bed. That totally sucked and we went back to tent camping. This year, BF bought a 40 year old trillium trailer. I didn't know what a trillium was before. After he showed me a picture, I was in love! I said it looks like a giant egg. We will be pulling a giant egg behind the car. I think my BF's reaction was: Egg or not, as long as she is sold on it.

This first picture is my "editorial pic"! Rather than calling him "the trillium trailer", I would like to introduce you to Bruce. Originally, his name was "Hulk" but it was later changed to Bruce, after Bruce Banner.

Here are all the before and after pictures along with details of the work we put into it.
Before: Bruce lived outside most of his life (obviously.) He looked sad and unloved. See his tears? (Ok, it was actually pouring rain the day I took this picture.)
After: Over 10 hours of buffing and polishing by BF, Bruce is not only beaming but showing his true color. He cleans up well, doesn't he? Great job BF! Bruce also got some new matching shoes too (tires and rims).


Dining / Sleeping Area
Before: We totally didn't mess up Bruce so that we get a more dramatic before picture. All of the bonus items (crap) were included in the price for free. Most of the bonus items are/were donated, sold, and thrown out. It was just a little too gross for us. (Anyone want to make us an offer on a used portable toilet?! Cringe.)
After: The entire interior was scrubbed down and all the knicks were touched up with paint. (You can now bearly notice the chip under the cushion on the right seat.) The perfect color match was Martha Stewart's "crayon." A new oak table top was made and stained white by BF.
New plank grey flooring was put down on the entire floor. Initally, we were going for a dark brown but changed it last minute. We didn't want it to look like we were trying too hard to be retro cute. (My new term!) We totally lucked out as one box was just enough! No mis-cuts either!
New cushions were also made from material that is used for airplane seats. We didn't actively seek out this gray fabric but we were sold on the sale price and it's durability. It is supposed to be fire retardant and water resistant. Sounds like good things to have! The green fabric was already in my stash of fabric. Apparently, it is unheard of to use fabric from your stash. (Thoughts?)
Before: We had three different blue curtains on different curtain rods. We are the matchy matchy type and knew right away these had to go...quickly.

After: All the curtain rods were replaced with matching ones. Crisp new white curtains with little maple leafs (So Canadian, eh?!) were made for us by BF's sister. Thank you Liz!! She even used lime green thread to match our cushions too!

Kitchen Area
Before: Lots of "bonus" items were in this area; plywood cabinet doors that only look good in a distance; and tired looking appliances.

After: Most of the "bonus" items were removed, new oak cabinet doors were made; fridge and heater repainted. (Yes, we have heat now!!) BF also made oak coverings for the sink and stove so that we have a flat surface when they are not being used. (So smart!)

It doesn't sound like a lot of work in this area but it is a close tie with the cushions on how proud we are of the work we've done. Notice our hand towels? They match our cushions perfectly and will be decorative only.


Opposite side of Dining Area
Before: Much the same as the dining area. Mismatched curtains and floral cushions. An odd door was also cut out and placed on the side of the bench (when you can access storage from the top!) Grr....

After: The door was removed and replaced with a panel. This panel is removal and we didn't have to make more holes into Bruce. (Another pet peeve of ours.) Not a whole lot to say about this area but felt I had to mention it in case you were wondering what is on this side.

Here is a picture of our first trip with Bruce in Milk River, Gold Springs Campground! Isn't he a cutie?

Recently, I read an article that said people are buying retro traillers, fixing them up, and traveling in them to bring back good childhood memories. Kind of describes me and the BF. (Except I didn't really camp in my childhood.) We are so excited with having Bruce and will keep you updated on our travels with him!

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How to Fold a Pocket Square

After sharing with readers a blog post on how to tie a bow tie, I learned that I have guys reading my blog. I don't know why it just dawned on me as there are grooms out there planning their wedding too!

For my male readers, here is a small tutorial on how to fold a pocket square. No, you don't just jam a piece of fabric there. For a pocket square to complement a suit, it has to be cleaned, ironed, and folded with points before it is placed in the pocket.

Get Stylin' Guys and Grooms!

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Pocket squares are meant to complement, not match.

Photo Credit: Kaufmann Mercantile

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Creative Reception Table

Ever wanted to have a picnic spontaneously? I have! But never followed through with it because I am always too attached to the details and the picnic never happens! The tablescape designed by CLINK Events is truly inspiring! With some creativity, color, and flowers, you can have a fancy reception table even if your table is not really a "table". 

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mid century wedding inspiration

pink colored glasses

fabric table runner

mid century tablescape

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Monday, July 22, 2013

Taking Great Wedding Pictures in Bad Weather

Obviously there has been a lot of rain in Alberta. If you are getting married soon and are worried about the rain ruining your big day, here are some suggestions on how to still have a great wedding and pictures to prove it!

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Chose a Short Wedding Dress
If you are getting married at a time or location where there is a possibility of rain, consider wearing a short wedding dress. It can still look formal and you are very much still a bride in it. The obvious advantage to wearing a short dress doesn't get wet!

Photo Credit: Alissa Ferullo Photography

Have Accessories Available
Have cute umbrellas on hand and bring your rain boots. This is a best chance for your Hunters rain boots or wellies to shine! Make sure you suggest your bridesmaids to do the same! In relation to umbrellas, white ones and red ones photograph really well. If you want to have umbrellas in your wedding colors, make sure you find and buy them early. (Notice that every time you are looking for something, you never find it?)

Don't Panic and Enjoy Yourselves
If you panic or is not enjoying yourself, it shows on your face and in your pictures. You've heard it before, "rain is romantic" and "rain is lucky." Chose to believe these two phrases if it does rain on your wedding day. The addition of rain allows for a lot of spontaneous and memorable pictures. You will get shots that you didn't plan on. Rain puddles make great reflections and are fun to jump in!

Photo Credit: Cline Rose

Trust Your Photographer
Most likely, it is not the first time your professional photographer had to shoot a wedding in rain or other bad weather climates. He/she will be prepared to keep you calm, ensure you have fun, and have all the proper equipment to do compensate for lighting and other technical stuff.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Best Save the Date Ever!

I previously blogged about incorporating macaroons in a wedding, through dessert tables, macaroon towers, and wedding favors. Momental Designs took it one step further, bumped macaroons to the beginning of wedding planning, and sent it to the guests as their save the date. The design included a hand painted print and three macaroons in the wedding colors. In my mind, this is the best save the date EVER! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Calgary South Ismaili Center Wedding Ceremony

I had the pleasure of helping Shainoor and Abid with the design and décor of their wedding ceremony at the Calgary South Ismaili Center. During our first visit, Shainoor and Abid explained what they needed decorated: gift/sign in table; aisle, vow area, and cake table. I suggested an aisle decorated with tulle and silk flowers, pillars with vases and flowers, uplighting, and organza swirl overlays. Shainoor and Abid loved the suggestions! Then they dropped the bomb on me: I only had 30 minutes to decorate everything.

Mission accomplished and a new record was set for me! Below is a picture I snapped at the 29th minute. One of my friends saw the picture and said the flower balls look like they are floating - star wars style. The more I look at the picture, the more I have to agree!!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Dessert Bar Created from Repurposed Furniture

Everyone that knows me knows I have developed a love for antiques and antique shopping. I have learned that things constructed back then were a labour of love. There is an amazing amount of care taken into the details. Sometimes I come across things that I need, I love, and need to have. Below are some of the items that I looked at, purchased, and still finding a use for. (All Instagram pictures.)

There are also times when I come across an item that I don't know what it's original purpose was. Sometimes I ask what the purpose is, and sometimes I just use it for something else. When I saw pictures of a repurposed post office hutch turned dessert bar, I fell in love! Below is a design by The Lady Jane and Amelia Marie Design. After you see these pictures, I hope it inspires you to look around your house and repurpose some items as well!

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modern rustic dessert bar

modern rustic dessert bar

modern rustic dessert bar

Photo Credits: Green Wedding Shoes

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY Project: Marquee Letters

After watching Burlesque, I totally wanted to make a marquee sign for a wedding/event/home! (Don't judge me for my choice in movies.)

I thought the construction of them would be beyond my skills but it turns out that they might be easier than I thought! I found an awesome tutorial and I am totally hooked. In addition to making the word "LOVE" you can also make your names or some other word that is significant to you both. If I had the space in my showroom, I would totally make the word "WISHAHMON!" Maybe one of these days!

If you attempt this project for your event, please share with me pictures and how the project went! I would love to hear and see it!

Owner and Lead Designer






marquee DIY finished

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Monday, July 8, 2013

Post Wedding Gown Solutions

There are many solutions on what to do with your dress after your wedding. Some brides already know what they are going to do when making the purchase, some just assumed they will have to dedicate a portion of their closet space for their dress. Other brides, haven't put much thought into it and would just like to have some fun or pay it forward with the dress. Here are some suggestions:

Keep and Store It
The most obvious thing to do with your dress is keep it. Have it drycleaned and professionally boxed for safe keeping. Maybe you will want to take it out and show it to your daughter or grand-daughter in 20 years! Maybe they will want to wear it 127 years later too!

Trash It
Trash the dress photo sessions are increasing in popularity. Brides book a photo session and wear their gown in the dirtiest or wettest conditions to take stunning pictures! Definitely not for the faint of heart! Your dress will get dirty and cleaning it will be mission impossible. Your drycleaner might have a heart attack if you bring him/her your dress after your photo shoot session.

Photo Credit: Kim plus Adam Photography

Reinvent and Wear It
Cutting your dress short, adding to it, and making it a different color will give your gown new life and new places to wear it to. Who knew the phrase: "You can wear it again" can apply to wedding dresses and not just bridesmaid dresses!

Photo Credit: The Blushing Blog

Consign It
If you want to recoup some of your dress costs, you can always try to sell it on Kijiji or consign it with us at Wishahmon - Glorious Gowns. Once it sells, you get 50% of the sale.

Donate It
Make a bride's day by donating the dress to her. With the recent Alberta floods, lots of brides might have lost their wedding dress. Spread the word that you want to donate your dress to one of these brides through your own avenues, post on Calgary Clean Up's Facebook Page, or contact us to assist.

Photo Credit: Deanna Mae Photography

If you have other ideas on what to do with your dress, please share with us. We would love to hear from you and share your ideas with other brides or newlyweds too!

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Dark Chocolate Sweet Table

I was going to post something related to wedding gowns today but the Calgary Stampede officially started today! Which means there will be lots of partying, drinking, and eating. (My readers, not me!)I am not much a partier or drinker but definitely will not be keeping up with my diet for the next 10 days. Since I assume that everyone else is off their diets too, here are some pictures of a dark chocolate sweet table created by Couture Cakery! Eats lots and have a safe and fun time!

Owner and Lead Designer



Photo Credit: Couture Cakery

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIY Project: Industrial Candle Holders

This is the perfect DIY if you:
1. Want to create ambience through candlelight;
2. Want unique additions to your wedding;
3. Have scrap metal or don't mind making a trip to Home Depot:
4. Have some tools;
5. Feel like you have "potential" and can make anything!

Left in it's original raw colors or painted to match your wedding colors, this DIY for industrial candle holders is definitely unique. If you tackle this project on your own, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. If not, pass the project over to your groom and tell him he might need to buy a new tool for this project. Most likely, he will be interested cause the word "new tool" was in the sentence.

Have fun!
Owner and Lead Designer


candle sticks from pipes

Photo Credit: Jasmine Star

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