Saturday, March 30, 2013

Carisa and Richard: Hair and Makeup

This is part 13 of the new blog series about Carisa and Richard's wedding planning process up until their wedding on August 31, 2013. In addition to sharing with readers their love story and wedding planning adventures, insights and tips for brides and groom's planning their own wedding will also be shared!

It is totally understandable that you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day. However, I always suggest to brides not to overdo it. You don't want your guests not to recognize you or (even worse) think "wow, you clean up well." Bridal makeup should be about enhancing your wonderful features rather than creating features that you were not necessarily born with. Good communication with your makeup artist is key. Let him/her know what is your daily makeup routine, what makeup you use, and products you are allergic to. Bringing pictures of the bridal looks you you want to try are also helpful.

In relation to your bridal hair, don't stress over having to grow your hair out before your wedding day. Your hair is not going to grow 12 inches in six months, no matter how many vitamins you are taking. You will be surprised that some hair styles don't require a lot of hair length. Look through magazines and pull out pictures to show your hair stylist. If you had already purchased your wedding gown, bring a picture to your meeting with your hair stylist too. He/she will be able to provide you with suggestions on an updo or half-do.

When I suggested to Carisa about getting makeup and hair trials, I also suggested she gets these done on a day that she has an event or she and Richard are going out for a hot date. Carisa nodded and was excited about the "hot" date. Richard just said quietly: "uh, ok." I got a picture of Carisa's hair from the hair trial, but never did hear about the "date." Must follow up on that!

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If you missed the first couple of blog posts on Carisa and Richard's wedding planning adventures, you can catch up on how they got engaged, set the date, found a venue, found a marriage commissioner, found a photographer, sent out invitations, took care of out of town guests, found a DJ, found a wedding gown, found a wedding cake, designed their decor and chose their flowers.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Betsey Johnson BLUE Bridal Collection

I don't know about you but my heart skips a beat when I see a pair of red-soled Louboutins! My heart nearly stopped when I learned that Betsey Johnson launched a bridal shoe collection line called BLUE. These shoes are blue-soled! This is a great idea on how to incorporate your "something blue" into your wedding!

Check out the styles available on her website. Prices range from $99-$199.

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Photo Credits: Betsey Johnson

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Registry Trends 2013

With so many couples getting married later in their lives, having established careers, and living together before getting married, it is inevitable that wedding trends are slightly different from when our parents got married. This includes wedding registry trends.

In our parent’s generation, they didn’t have “wedding registries” at big box stores. Wedding presents would be given to the couple at the bride’s wedding shower. (This is where she would be “showered” with presents from family and friends.) Most of the presents back then would be household items to help the new couple build their love nest. 

Fast forward to today, couples usually have most of the things they need in the household and sometimes double of each item when the couple moves in with each other. Here are the wedding registry trends as of now.

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Infographic Credit: Wedding Republic

Monday, March 25, 2013

Funny Wedding Program

When I saw this program, I burst out laughing and thought my bf would totally appreciate a cheeky wedding program like this. The last couple of weddings he went to, he said he almost died from boredom. (To be fair, it was in Chinese and he had no idea what was being said.)

If you are thinking of putting together ceremony programs for your guests, why not include some humor in it?

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Photo Credits: Anne-Marie Bouchard via Off Beat Bride

Friday, March 22, 2013

Dress(es) of the Week: Lazaro Bridal Spring 2013

If you are looking for your wedding gown and would like a real show stopper, check out the Lazaro Bridal Spring 2013 collection. The collection includes blush colored gowns as well as layers upon layers of soft organza. Whether you are a princess bride, modern bride, or couture bride, there is definitely a gown for you!

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Photo Credits: JLM Couture

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wishahmon Now Offering Bridal Accessories

After several months of meeting with brides and getting feedback from them, I am happy to announce that Wishahmon - Glorious Gowns now have shoes, veils, and accessories too. These accessories are new and handmade. Our goal is not only to help brides get their dream gown at a fraction of retail cost, but also to be their one stop shop. If the bride is getting married tomorrow, they will be able to get everything they need to look gorgeous the next day at her wedding!
Owner and lead designer @ Wishahmon
 Bridal Shoes

Hand made hair fascinators
Bridal Veils

Wedding Gown Sashes

Bridal Gloves

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pearl and Crystal Bracelet GIVEAWAY!

At the end of 2012, I decided to open up a wedding gown consignment boutique in Calgary, Wishahmon - Glorious Gowns and was provided tons of support. Family and friends helped with naming this new business, showroom renovations, marketing tips, shopping for retail supplies, etc. Former brides helped me build inventory by consigning their gowns when I hinted my new business venture. Wedding industry friends supported me through by providing business knowledge and experiences.

After months of hard work, I have been receiving so much great feedback from brides! I am so thankful that everyone believed in me! To spread the love some more, I would like to announce the first ever Wishahmon GIVEAWAY. The prize is a pearl and crystal bracelet.

The picture below will be posted on the Wishahmon facebook page. For an opportunity to win, you need to:
1) Go to the Wishahmon Page and like it;
2) Like the picture and comment. (Simple positive comments are appreciated!)

This giveaway is open internationally! (Yup, we will send this bracelet to wherever you are!) The winner of the bracelet will be chosen at random on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. (Of course, we can't do it on April Fools Day!)

Thanks so much!
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen's Wedding Gown

After watching Jennifer Lawrence stumble in her stunning gown when accepting her Oscar and watching her interview afterwards, I started to really pay attention to her. She seems down to earth and a really cool chick. She is hotter than ever and really you can see her in everything (movies, ads, magazines, etc.)

I came across an article and the promotional poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and was pleasantly surprised by what she was wearing. It is truly a kick ass wedding gown. Perfect for her role at Katniss Everdeen!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Calgary Consignment Boutique: Priscilla of Boston

I don't know about you, but I teared up when I heard Priscilla of Boston was closing down. I remember walking by the store when I was visiting San Francisco and not going in because I felt I looked too much like a tourist (and I wasn't engaged). My heart was filled with regret because I knew I would never be able to walk in the store and would never touch a Priscilla of Boston gown ever.

Well, never say never. Wishahmon - Glorious Gowns just added a couple of brand new Priscilla of Boston gowns into our collection.  (I was so excited that I stared at them for hours before even touching them!) Here are some of the gowns we have!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Nail Trends 2013

WEDDING TREND ALERT: This time with your wedding nails. You will want to have nice nails because your photographer will be taking lots of pictures of your wedding ring and you and your groom holding hands! Here are the trends!

Owner and Lead Designer

Pearly-white nails are always in style, complements your wedding gown, and add just the right touch of bright. Apply one coat for a subtle look, two for more shine.
French Manicure with a Matte-Shiny Finish It's created by applying a matte topcoat over your favourite glossy polish, just enough to leave the tips shiny. Brilliant!
A Hint of Pink
The New Nude - The faintest shade of neutral that resembles to what the Duchess of Cambridge wore at her wedding!

My favorite trend and the one I want to try out the most! Ultra-Hot white beads on nude nails.

If you want to try out this trend, you can get the micro beads from Ciate. It is called their caviar manicure. Check out this video for a quick tutorial and see if you are up for it!

Photo Credits: Lou Lou

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wishahmon + Forbidden City Restaurant Combine Forces!

Last year I was contacted by Forbidden City Restaurant to help them design a wedding theme to offer to their newly engaged customers. I was so excited after speaking to them because I feel they are one of the most forward thinking Chinese restuarants in Calgary. Not only do they create new dishes constantly but they are always thinking about how to provide more services to their customers.
The current promotion is: Clients that book ten tables at Forbidden City can contact Wishahmon - Wedding Creations for a custom decorating package at 20% off. If you are having your wedding at Forbidden City and you would like to set up a consultation meeting, please email us at: to discuss. We can't wait to hear from you!
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Here is the wedding package we created exclusively for Forbidden City Restaurant!  


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Carisa and Richard: Choosing Flowers

This is part 12 of the new blog series about Carisa and Richard's wedding planning process up until their wedding on August 31, 2013. In addition to sharing with readers their love story and wedding planning adventures, insights and tips for brides and groom's planning their own wedding will also be shared!

Flowers are one of the top favorite things for a bride to choose and design for their wedding. (Wedding gown and cake are also top faves!) With the websites and pinterest, it really makes it so much easier to browse pictures after pictures of beautiful bridal bouquets.

When you meet a florist, be prepared by having pictures of bouquets that you like, swatches of your bridesmaids gowns, and answers. Your florist will be asking you tons of questions, such as what you like about a particular bouquet? Do you like certain flowers? Can you have substitute flowers? And what ribbons you want your bouquet tied with? Did you want the ribbons to match your bridesmaid dresses?

When answering these questions, be patient and imagine yourself assembling your bouquet piece by piece. Your florist is simply trying to get inside your mind and to be your hands in assembling your bouquet. No one will know what you want better than you. However, you can’t do everything yourself.

In addition to the bouquet, remember there are other floral items that you may or will need. This list includes: bridesmaid bouquets, groom’s boutonniere, groomsmen boutonniere, corsages and boutonnieres for parents, elders, other family members, special guests, out of town guests. Lastly, you may also want to talk to your florist about your ceremony pew flowers or reception centerpieces. Pheww…sounds like a lot, but not really.

Choosing flowers with Carisa and Richard was tons of fun. Carisa came to the meeting prepared (of course) with pictures of what she liked. She wanted flowers in the same color family and some greens mixed amongst the flowers. As Carisa, the florist, and I were discussing the type of greens, whether it should be a mint green leaf, bright green leaf, or green miniature mums, Richard finally spoke up and said he doesn’t like green. Whoa! We were all stopped in our tracks. We didn’t even consider not having any greens in the bouquet. We were so glad Richard participated because if not, we would still be discussing this….mint or bright green leaves?

Owner and Lead Designer

If you missed the first couple of blog posts on Carisa and Richard's wedding planning adventures, you can catch up on how they got engaged, set the date, found a venue, found a marriage commissioner, found a photographer, sent out invitations, took care of out of town guests, found a DJ, found a wedding gown, found a wedding cake and designed their decor.

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Friday, March 8, 2013

Steal Worthy Looks from the Oscars!

Last weekend I watched the Oscars primarily to see what everyone was wearing and to watch Seth MacFarlane host. Embarassingly enough, I didn't watch any of the nominated movies. The only one I did watch was Ted (not nominated for anything of course.)

Although everyone would agree that most of the actresses were stunning, there were definitely a couple that stood out from the crowd. Naturally stunning or natural trendsetters, here are some steal worthy looks from the Oscars:

1) Despite falling before accepting her Oscar, Jennifer Lawrence's fit and flare Dior Haute Couture gown was flattering and hinted at a wedding gown. Her casual hair do is also playful and not fussy!

2) Anne Hathaway's Prada dress looked like two separate dresses. The front is simple but the back is something else! Revealing with some bling, and a slit down the back of the dress for easy movement! If this dress has any influence on weddings, brides will be thinking more about the back of their dress when walking down the aisle.

3) Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan and Halle Berry in Versace. Both dresses are Great Gatsby inspired wedding gowns, one of the wedding trends of 2013

4) Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen and Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta both rocked lighter shades of gowns. If you are a bride that doesn't want to wear a white, off white, or ivory gown, maybe consider a pastel one? 

5) Jessica Chastian's Armani PrivĂ© gown is actually not the oscar look worthy of stealing. It is actually her shiny and romantic waves in her hair. This hairstyle would be perfect for a vintage inspired wedding.

Is there anyone else out there that watches the Oscar only to see what the stars are wearing? I can't be the only one! Leave me a comment and tell me who you think looked the best! I love Jennifer Lawrence's look!

Owner and Lead Designer @ Wishahmon

Photo Credits: Huffington Post

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