Thursday, September 27, 2012

All White Wedding

As a wedding  and event designer, the first thing that I usually ask my clients is whether they have a color in mind that they want to see at their event. Usually my brides would have a favorite color they want as the main wedding color. Sometimes my brides would pick several colors and want them all incorporated. On some rare occasions, brides have no idea what color they want.

This blog post is dedicated to the last group of brides. If you have no idea what color you want, why not just have an all white wedding? White is a classic wedding color and literally goes with everything. These pictures prove that white is not bland or boring, rather stunning!

Photo Credits: James Christianson Photographer | Via: Style Me Pretty

Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Flower Headband

I love DIY projects! Whether it is a big project like renovating my house or making hair accessories. I have a can do attitude about most things. If it doesn't work out the first time, I usually try again until I get a result that I am happy with! This flower headband might just be my next project. I love how dramatic it can make one of my brides look when they are walking down the aisle. If you like a more elegant look, you can consider smaller flowers or white flowers. Instructions can be found here.

If you try to make this yourself, do share a picture with us at! We would love to see your custom creation!

Photo Credit:  Simply Jessie Photography

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Canada Olympic Park - Festival Tent

When I got the email from Anila that she was engaged, I was so excited for her. I knew that she had finally found the perfect man for her. Stefan is a wonderful complement to Anila. They are a wonderful, warm, and giving couple! If you are ever in need of help of any kind, you can be sure that they will step up and help out.

As soon as the news got out that Anila is engaged, a wedding planning committee was instantly created. Every one of us wanted Anila to have a perfect wedding and we were all determined to make it happen! Originally, Anila's wedding ceremony and reception was at a different venue. A couple of months before the wedding, we had a venue change. The ceremony was held at Festival Tent inside of Canada Olympic Park (COP).

Despite being born and raised in Calgary, I have never been to COP! The festival tent was a huge outdoor tent with tons of square footage. (We even had extra square footage with our 400 guests!) Everything in the tent was white. It required a lot of color to bring it to life. Anila's ceremony wedding colors was red and gold. To bring in these colors, we used red organza chair sashes, a very colorful extended backdrop, and paper lanterns on the ceiling. All the guests also took home a wedding favor in either red or gold too.

Anila and Stefan had lots of friends and family attend their wedding. Amongst the guests was the Mayor of Calgary, Mr. Naheed Nenshi! I introduced myself to him as the event designer and got an "awesome job" from him! I was totally psyched!

Another shout out to my team for setting up the reception till 10:00pm and setting up the ceremony the next morning at 5:00am! Thank you so much!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cool "Tying the Knot" Invitation

I absolutely adore the creativity of Christina Moralego. She created this invitation where the receiptent "sees" that Lois and Chris is tying the knot.

I don't know what language the wedding invitation is written in but here is the translation I found:

How could your heart not melt, say "awww....", and then RSVP immediately? I totally would!!!
Photo Credit: Behance

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wishahmon Glorious Gowns: Brand New Nicole Miller Gowns

Brand new Nicole Miller gowns have just arrived at our Wishahmon - Glorious Gowns consignment boutique! Some of these gowns are even brand new with tags. These gowns are perfect for a destination wedding! Check out more of our gowns on our website. If you see a gown that you would love to try out, contact us at to set up an appointment today.

We can't wait to match you up with your dream gown.




Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wedding Favors: Books!

I am a huge supporter of books. Not books that you download on your Ipad, but actual books printed on paper and has binding. I don't mind lugging books on vacation with me even if it sacrifices luggage weight. I rarely buy new books because it find it wasteful and opt to buy second hand or get books from the library. Yup, I have a Calgary Public Library card. Recently I scolded one of my girlfriends for sharing a library card with her family members. I told her that if we don't support the library (at $12/year!), soon it will no longer be there. Her reaction: "Good grief. I will get one tomorrow."

Previously, I wrote a blog post about a book themed wedding. To take this theme further I thought, why not give out books as a wedding favor too? You can give out the same book to all of your guests (especially if you are the author!) Or, you can give out books that represents you as a couple. Or, just really great books. If it is a great book, I don't mind getting a second copy even if I already have one.

Yes, it is true that books can get expensive. However, there are several options: 1) Online sites; 2) Second hand bookstores such as Fair's Fair; 3) Calgary Herald's Annual Book Sale; 4) Thrift stores; 5) Garage sales! I have purchased books for as little as 50 cents before. (Can you imagine how many books I went home with that day?!)

Here are some inspirational pictures on how you can give out books as a wedding favor!

book favors

book favors

book favors

book wedding favors

book favors

book favors

Photo Credits: 1) Tumblr; 2), 3) Wedding Wire; 4) Project Wedding: 5), 6) Amorology

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Using Doilies as Wedding Decor

I only learned this year that those pretty round white flowery holely things are called doilies. I also learned that the ones crocheted (by sweet little old grandmas) and the paper ones are considered as the same things! Having learned all of this, I have a fascination with them now. Everytime I come across them, whether in a store or at a garage sale, I have an impulse to buy them all out. I have been pretty good about not doing that because....I don't have an idea of what to do with them.

One google search later, I came across the wonderful Martha Stewart. OF COURSE, she has already thought of decorating with doilies! Here are some of her ideas! (Now that I have some ideas, I can definitely buy all the doilies the next time I come across them.)


Lace Garlands

Lights/Candle Holders

Placecard Holders

Flower Cuffs

Wedding Favor Wrappers


Ring Pillow Embellishments

Dainty Displays

Doily Envelopes
doily envelope
cupcake wrappers

Photo Credits: 1) - 8) Martha Stewart Weddings 9), 10) Intimate Weddings

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