Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Logo Unveiled!

After months of redesigning the company logo, it is finally completed! Although it looks like it hasn't changed much, I assure you that there were at least 10 different drafts before it became what it is today. Logos were also created for the different divisions of Wishahmon as well. (Which really didn't help with the decision making process!) I am so thankful for the patience my graphic designer, Eva had with me. Knock on wood, if she ever needs my kidney, I totally owe her mine.

Drop me a line on what you think of the new logo! I'd love to hear all your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lace Wedding Decor

Lace is the number one choice for vintage brides and romantic brides. When I think of lace, I don't think of the dollies that are crocheted by grandma. (Although I like those too!) I think of crisp white lace that is similar to the lace on a wedding gown. The easiest way to incorporate lace into your wedding decor is through table linens. However, you can also use lace as a backdrop, aisle runner, and around centerpiece vases to add a touch of romance. The next time you come across a piece of lace, consider using it as part of your wedding and decor!

Photo Credits: 1) A Beautiful Cliche 2),3), 4), 5) Style Me Pretty

Sunday, March 25, 2012

All in the Details

The focus of this picture is obviously the beautiful floral chandelier. But my eyes were drawn to the uplighting shields on the floor. Not only did the designer think of hiding the unsightly uplight cannisters, the shields also have an ivory damask pattern on it. Once again, it is all in the details when pulling together a flawless wedding look.

Wedding Tip: After spending over 100 hours planning your wedding, you might not see the big picture anymore. Go through your wedding ideas with someone outside your wedding party that hasn't been part of the planning process. This person will be able to tell you what doesn't quite make sense; what doesn't fit in; and most importantly, what won't work. You will thank this person later and should probably treat him/her to a drink for their wonderful insights!

Photo Credit: Nisie's Enchanted Florist

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dazzling Dance Floors

Recently I had an email inquiry from a bride asking for help with her ugly standard dance floor. I shared a couple of suggestions with her and some price points. Here is what I suggested, in the order from less expensive to most expensive. Enjoy!

Totally White Dance Floor. Sometimes the most beautiful things are the simplest things! The standard parquet floor can be replaced with an all white dance floor for less than $2.00 a square feet at local rental companies.

Monogramed Dance Floors. This is an excellent way to put your "stamp" on your wedding! If you can't have a custom made flooring (think huge sticker), you can have your initials put onto the dance floor with lighting! Check with your DJ for lighting options or a lighting specialist.

Use of Lighting Patterns. A lighting specialist will be able to project different patterns and colors onto the dance floor for something really spectular! The designs are endless! (Not sure if this one would be more expensive than the second. I think they are pretty close.)

Thinking Outside the Box/Square/Rectangular Dance Floor. If your venue and budget allows, why not get a round dance floor? Your guests will definitely notice and pay attention to this feature - even if it is only on the floor. Custom projects mean custom pricing!

Photo Credits: 1) In Tents 2)and 6) Karen Tran Florals 3) Ambiance Lighting Pros 4)Platinum Planning Couture Event Design 5) Constance Zahn 7) Events by Design

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tiny Bling: Sequins!

This is a tiny wonderful thing that I have recently re-discovered that can bring a little bit of shine, interest, and bling. Sequins also bring a little bit of unexpected pop of color as they come in many colors of the rainbow. My fondest memory of sequins is how my mom used to buy an inexpenisve shirt and add a lot of interest to it by stitching on sequins to it.

Sequins have been used for a long time on wedding gowns and hair accessories, but they can also be used with wedding bouquets, cakes, decor, linens, and centerpieces. With a little or a lot of sequins, it definitely infuses a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of personality!

Photo credits: 1) Style Me Pretty 2) and 3) Elizabeth Anne Designs 4) Glitter Guide 5) Decor 8

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Balloons and Wedding Decor!

As promised, here are some inspiration pictures with balloons used as wedding decor. Like I always say: Anything is life and with wedding decor! I hope these pictures will give balloons a second chance. Last year, I rallied for the carnation flower. This year, balloons at weddings!! Fingers crossed!

Photo Credits: 1) Wedding Bee 2) and 3) Kristin Vining Photography 4) Geronimo Balloons 5) the Nichols

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