Sunday, February 26, 2012

Balloons + Weddings

Recently during a consultation meeting, a bride told me that she absolutely does not want any balloons at her wedding. She said they were tacky and reminded her of children's birthday parties. Honestly, when she said "balloons" the first thing I thought of was the colorful balloons that carried the house from UP away. Back to reality, we were able to design a wedding for this bride without a stitch of balloons. No one is even going to be allowed to mention balloons.

After the meeting, I did some research to determine whether it is possible for balloons to be incorporated into weddings. I found a ton of balloon arches which made me cringe a little bit. I eventually found huge balloons from Geronimo Balloons. Here are some pictures of how these huge balloons can be used in wedding pictures. Stay tuned for ideas on how to incorporate balloons into wedding decor!

Photo credits: 1) )Pixar2) Style Me Pretty 3) Ohana Photographers 4) Wish Special Events 5)Brooklyn Bride

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I am a hopeless romantic. I love hearing about people’s love stories, reading romantic novels, and watching sappy romantic movies over and over again. One thing that I don’t “love” is how “love” is always associated with (tons) of big red hearts. I cringe when I walk pass stores with an overload of red hearts used as decoration. However, I do believe red hearts can be used as decorations tastefully. Here are some pictures of a dessert buffet with a heart theme. I know it is not the main focus, but I love the simplicity of the backdrop. (I have tons of envelops left over from a project and I just might do this in the future! Stay tuned!)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Photo Credits: Hostes with the Mostess via Just call me Martha

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wedding Flower Trends 2012

The flower of the year is the peony. The peony offers soft romance and is willing to share the stage with other fluttery blooms such as roses, ranunculus, and carnations. The always elegant orchid is also popular and tries it’s best to move into the spotlight as well.

Single centerpieces are no longer the staple at wedding receptions. Tables now have a collection of smaller centerpieces, whether different blooms of a similar shade or blooms with candles and personal collections. Vessels are also important in creating this look. Different mercury glass vases filled with mini bouquets of flowers create an abundance and super sexy look.

Beyond the blooms! Centerpieces don’t just belong to flowers. Greenery and herbs are also used as a new alternative. Herbs used can be fresh potted ones or dried ones like rosemary and purple basil.

Chic brides that want a totally unique centerpiece would love terrariums. These are glass domed arrangements of pebbles, flowers, succulents, and objects such as shells or bird’s nests. Each centerpiece would be slightly different but full of personality!

Image Credit: 1. Martha Stewart Weddings 2. Style Me Pretty 3. The Wedding Dish 4.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wedding Trends 2012

I am a firm believer that brides should have the wedding of their dreams exactly how they imagined their special day. However, that said, if a bride doesn't already have a favorite color and doesn't know where to start planning their wedding color scheme, design, and decor, they can check out the wedding trends of 2012 for inspiration. Remember that trends don't have to be followed exactly and in full! Here they are!

Last year’s Royal Wedding inspired a lot of the wedding trends for 2012. The biggest trend that is making a comeback is a formal black tie wedding. The glamorous look is back and everything wedding related is all about grand elegance.

Classic wedding colors are also a huge trend this year. Pale pinks, champagnes, and cream colors are working their way back into wedding color schemes. New neutral colors such as oyster grey and pale gold are also moving from the fashion runway down the wedding aisle.

Pale neutrals do not mean a bland boring wedding decor because patterns are getting bolder. The use of floral or custom prints is becoming a wedding classic, much like the black and white damask a few years ago. Patterns are appearing from wedding invitations to wedding decor.

Candelabras added instant elegance to any backdrops. It is a huge plus if the venue already beautiful candelabras but if your venue doesn’t, don’t let it stop you from renting one (or some) for your venue or outdoor wedding ceremony!

Rustic weddings are stronger than ever. These weddings are not held at your typical hotel venues rather rustic barns with lots of charm. There is lots of warmth through color schemes and ambient candle lighting.

Photo Credits: 1. Style Me Pretty 2.,3. Karen Tran 4. Bridal Snob 5. Green Wedding Shoes

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