Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lace Wedding Decor

Lace is the number one choice for vintage brides and romantic brides. When I think of lace, I don't think of the dollies that are crocheted by grandma. (Although I like those too!) I think of crisp white lace that is similar to the lace on a wedding gown. The easiest way to incorporate lace into your wedding decor is through table linens. However, you can also use lace as a backdrop, aisle runner, and around centerpiece vases to add a touch of romance. The next time you come across a piece of lace, consider using it as part of your wedding and decor!

Photo Credits: 1) A Beautiful Cliche 2),3), 4), 5) Style Me Pretty


  1. These are beautiful! I honestly would not have thought that lace good look so great; just keep it off the armchairs and sofas I suppose?

    1. We are currently loving lace so much it might find it's way back to the sofas and armchairs! Thanks for reading and sorry for the late response!


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