Friday, October 28, 2011

Asia Trip

Earlier this month I took a small break from weddings to go to Hong Kong, Macau, and Bangkok. I found inspiration all around me and managed to relax a little bit too. I think I am now ready for the 2012 wedding season to start! Here are some pictures of my trip!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pink and Purple Wedding at Hotel Arts

Isadora and Andrew’s Hotel Arts wedding reception was the first time I got to incorporate black into the wedding design. A lot of couples shy away from black because it can make the room very dark, is a very cool color, and sometimes a little harsh. In addition to the black, we also incorporated the colors, pink, purple and white to soften the color palette.

In order to keep the design modern and clean, we had white chair covers on all the guest chairs to brighten up the room from the black table cloths. We also had half of the tables with a pink theme and the other half with a purple theme. The pink themed tables had pink chair sashes and pink centerpieces. The flowers from the centerpieces were repurposed from the ceremony vow flowers. The purple themed tables had purple chair sashes and purple hydrangea centerpieces.

Because Isadora and Andrew were both computer “techie” people, I made custom centerpieces for them from old computer keyboards. The centerpieces spelled out phrases such as “soul mates” and “laugh always.” This was almost an impossible task! I needed to get 17 grey computer keyboards and I tried to maximize the amount of phrases I could get with a minimal number of “e’s” and “a’s.”I was pretty much playing scrabble with computer keys. I really don’t think anyone wants to challenge me to a game of scrabble now. I am pretty good with it.

The most memorable thing for me was when Andrew told me that he didn’t even recognize the reception room when he walked in. He thought he was in the wrong room, so he walked out! I truly hope that I was able to help make some great memories of Isadora and Andrew’s wedding for them too!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Center Street Church Ceremony

When Andrew asked me how Isadora and I knew, I told him that Isadora attended some Japanese courses in University with our mutual friend. Andrew gave me a blank look. I told him that I get that look a lot, I think it sounds odd too. But hey, it doesn't really matter how you meet friends right?!

Andrew and Isadora’s wedding ceremony was held at the Centre Street Church. At first, I thought this is going to be an easy/easier set up because I have done a wedding there before. Then, I learned that their wedding was the second one that day and we only had one hour to set up. My initial design was changed one month before the wedding date. Mostly because I came up with a better design and it would be easier to set up within an hour.

I made a total of 10 fresh pink floral bouquets to be placed in clear tall pillar vases at the front of the room, at the vow area. These bouquets were made with various shades of roses and carnations. (I love working with carnations!) In addition to having lots of wow power when guests walk into the room, it also eased Isadora’s fear of knocking anything down when she walks down the aisle.
After the ceremony, Pastor Miriam came up to me to tell me how lovely the decorations were and that she said she has never seen any decorations like that before. She even offered to write me a letter of recommendation. She was so sweet!

I am still in the process of getting some professional pictures of the ceremony d├ęcor as I forgot to take some pictures (again.) I did manage to snap three pictures on my phone before guests started to arrive. My pictures do not do the design any justice, but I do like how they look like they are all floating!

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