Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Cousin's Wedding

This blog post is a little different. The bride is my cousin and all of my dealings was with the father of the bride, my uncle. What started out as a small dinner turned into something a little bigger with more responsibilities (on my part). It is always fun working with family (I mean it!) Especially when you can tell them that they are turning into a Father-zilla.

I heard the news from my aunt in Hong Kong that my cousin, Katie, got engaged in Thailand during her and Shaughn’s vacation. I only met Shaughn once but I absolutely adored him and approved that he is a great match for my baby cousin. After I heard the great news, I contacted my uncle to congratulate him for becoming a father in law soon! After the news sunk in, my uncle said he would like to organize a small dinner reception for the family members that cannot make it to the wedding reception held in Hinton, Alberta.

During the initial planning stages, my uncle kept saying that he would like a small dinner with the closest family members. I told him that the first thing we should do is to write down a list of invitees. He was shocked by the number of family members we have! (He must have forgotten about some along way!) The next thing that we did was to book a venue. He wanted a traditional Chinese ten course dinner reception. We went with Regency Palace Restaurant because it had a private room for 50 guests. One thing that my uncle stressed throughout we he wanted a good atmosphere. He wanted everyone to have fun and not just come, eat, and leave.

In the end my cousin and I decorated the event with chair covers, chair sashes, custom table linens, floral centerpieces, and a backdrop for pictures. We hired a close photographer friend of mine to do pictures of the tea ceremony and pictures with the bride and groom. The time we had to decorate and organize everything before the guests arrived was tight. As such, I didn’t take a single picture of the venue! (I have no idea how I could have forgotten to take pictures or ask the photographer to do so.)

None the less, a blog post is not complete without some pictures. Here are some pictures of Katie and Shaughn at their Hinton afternoon reception. The pictures were taken by Paper Tiger Media. Congrats again Katie and welcome to our family, Shaughn!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pink Wedding at Valley Ridge Golf Course

I was crazy excited when I got a facebook message from Kiki telling me that she was getting married. My first thought was: I have to book a flight to Hong Kong! Oh wait, I should finish reading her message to see what day she is getting married. Her next sentence was she was coming back to Calgary for her wedding. Her last sentence was she would like me to be her wedding planner. Wow, wow, wow!

Kiki and I met in school. After she graduated University, she moved back to Hong Kong and met (her now hubby) Ming. We planned her wedding long distance through telephone calls and facebook. (This was a first for me.) Kiki told me that she wanted a very pink wedding and left the rest up to me. I figured that since she was having her wedding in Calgary in the summer, it should be outdoors with lots of greenery. Hong Kong is very densely populated and green space is very hard to find. I suggested Kiki and Ming have their wedding at the Valley Ridge Golf Course. When I sent them the pictures of the venue, they loved it. They finally saw their venue two days before their big day.

The ceremony was held outside at the golf course, followed by an afternoon reception inside. A lot of the decorations at their wedding were handmade as I really wanted to provide them with a DIY personalized wedding. At the end of the afternoon reception, they were serenaded by the music of Kaden Core.

Venue: Valley Ridge Golf Course
Wedding Planner: Monica at Wishahmon – Wedding Creations
Decor and Florals: Monica at Wishahmon – Wedding Creations
Marriage Officiant: Weddings by Tamera
Cake and cupcakes: Whippt Desserts and Catering
Makeup and Hair: Polly Shum
Music: Kaden Core

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer of 2011!

This summer has been busy and full of happy weddings. I am not complaining at all! In between weddings, I managed to squeeze in some time for short breaks and mini vacations. If you have been a long time follower of my blog, you probably already know that I got a SLR camera a couple of years ago. Each time that I think there will be picture worthy shots, I will lug my camera and accessories out to take some "artisy" pictures. I still haven't finished reading my camera instruction manual, but hey, I have been learning through trial and error.

Here are some pictures that I took during my mini vacations. Of course, they are only 1% of the 5% good pictures I took. Thank goodness I don't take pictures with film!

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