Thursday, June 30, 2011

Still Here - Just Working Hard!

Yikes, it has been three weeks since my last post! I can assure you that I have only been MIA on my blog. Launching Wishahmon - Event Creations during the middle of wedding season was probably not the best timing on my part. However, I am definitely going to embrace all the wonderful things coming my way. I am currently working several weddings, events, and projects. I will try my best to be consistent with my blog posts again. I can't wait to share more wedding tips, inspirations, and pictures of the events I designed this year!
Here is a sneak peek of a staircase I decorated at the Sheraton Eau Claire. Pictures of the wedding is coming soon!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wishahmon Event Creations

I am very excited to announce that Wishahmon-Event Creations is now up and running and ready to design unique (non-wedding) events! When I first started Wishahmon-Wedding Creations I knew that doing corporate events was the logical next step that I wanted to take, I just didn’t know when it was going to happen. During the last four years, I helped design events that were non-wedding related and to my surprise, I also loved it. I thought that all I wanted to design was weddings because I am such a romantic. Turns out helping a several non-profits with their events and fundraisers were also very rewarding.

After a chain of opportunities this year and lots of support from friends and family, I decided to take the next step and make Wishahmon-Event Creations come to life! I look forward to meeting new clients, designing different events, and sharing my work with everyone on this blog! Wish me luck!

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