Friday, May 27, 2011

Updated Candy Buffet

This blog post is dedicated to one of my brides that said to me shyly that she wants to have a candy buffet despite it being sooo two years ago. When she initially told me, I told her that it is her wedding and she can incorporate any elements she wants for her wedding.

I came across this lovely updated candy buffet when I was browsing through the blog, Hostess with the Mostess. This blog featured an event designed by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations. I think this is an updated version of the candy buffet because it uses a solid color container rather than clear and tall containers. Also, the containers each have their own shape and personality. All the containers and candy are tied in to theme through the labels. The labels also take on a different shape rather than the usual square card. Little details matter and make a difference!

One more tip to brides: When designing your own candy buffet, often the thing that causes the most frustration is getting a variety of containers or canisters for the candy. I always suggest to brides to ask around to see if 6 friends each have one container. This way, there will be a good variety of containers without breaking the bank!

Here are the lovely pictures of the candy buffet that I have been raving about in this post!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fairytale Wedding Becomes Reality!

Don't you just love the title of this blog? I would love it if every bride got their fairytale wedding! Couple of weeks ago, I blogged and did a radio interview about the Royal Wedding. By now, I am sure everyone has gotten a glimpse of Kate Middleton's wedding gown. I thought she looked stunning in her wedding gown. (My guess on her gown wasn't too far off either!)

Rather than doing a recap of the Royal Wedding on this blog, I thought I'd share this cute Disney comparison instead. The highly anticipated Royal Wedding of Duke William and Duchess Catherine was truly one of the closest real life fairy tale weddings we have ever experienced!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Weddings and Weather

Calgary’s recent snow/rain/sun weather in May has prompted me to write this post to all the brides that are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. I totally understand why brides would choose to have an outdoor wedding. You get lovely natural scenery, beautiful lighting, and tons of opportunities to decorate your wedding outside the box (room).

As a wedding designer, I love designing outdoor ceremonies. It allows my creativity to run wild. Often when I go visit a venue (or a patch of land) with my clients, all they see is an empty patch of land with an awesome view. I, on the other hand, is waving my hands all over and telling them where I imagine guests sitting, the path the groom will walk, and where the bride will walk down the imaginary aisle. One time, my clients asked me if I used to play “pretend” when I was a kid. (I answered proudly, yes.)

As a guest, I am not fond of outdoor ceremonies that haven’t been well thought out. There are so many things that have to be researched and planned prior to the wedding to ensure it runs smoothly. Here are three of my own personal experiences and some tips I can offer.

Wedding #1: The sun was shining the morning of a wedding I was to attend. By the time the ceremony was going to start, dark clouds started to roll in and pour. Luckily for me and three other guests, I had my golf umbrella with me. Tip: Although Calgary weather is unpredictable, you can still check the historical weather data to get some sense of what the weather will be like on your wedding day. If there is a chance of poor weather, remember to:
1. Have an alternative location where your wedding can be held. I always suggest to my clients to check with their reception venue first. This option should be the least amount of cost and confusion to your guests.
2. Indicate on your wedding invitation that there is a “Wet Weather Option.” This gives your guests a heads up that the ceremony venue may change due to weather and where the alternate location may be.
3. Consider renting a tent for the day and buy extra umbrellas for your unprepared guests. Most likely your guests dressed up for your wedding. It is only courtesy that you make the necessary arrangements to ensure they all remain looking gorgeous by the end of the ceremony.

Wedding #2: During the wedding ceremony, the sun was at its peak and blasting in my eyes. I squinted during the entire time of the ceremony and none of my pictures came through. Tip: When viewing your venue, try to visit during the time your wedding ceremony would be at. This way, you will know roughly the position of the sun and can make changes accordingly. For example, you can have your vow area face a different direction.

Wedding #3: Last year, I think Calgary hit 25 degrees twice during the summer. For one of those days, I was a guest at a wedding ceremony. The heat was so unbearable that I was turning my arms like a rotisserie chicken to prevent a sun burn. Tip: Tents are not just for rainy weather, they can also be used to shield your guests from heat. An alternative would be to provide your guests with fans or better yet a nice cold soda.

Here are some pictures of a rainy wedding taken by Fuller Edge Photography.

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