Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Vow to Clients

At the end of a consultation meeting, I have had clients ask me: “What happens if you get hit by a car the day you are supposed to decorate my wedding?” I usually cringe and say “That depends on whether or not I died. If I didn’t, I would get one of my crew members to pick me up or pick up the decorations and proceed without me. If I did, my crew members would know fairly quickly and will be in touch with the clients to advise them that my day has started and ended poorly.”

All joking aside, I am never offended when clients ask me this question because they have every right to ask if I have a Plan B in the event I cannot decorate their wedding. (This is how I interpret their question.) They need to ensure that they will get their wedding venue decorated as planned with or without me.

I explain to clients that I have a decorating team that works with me. Once a client signs with me, I let my crew know of the wedding date. My crew then gets back to me who on their availability. One month before the wedding, I confirm with my crew members of their availability. Two weeks before the wedding, I have most of the decorating elements ready and packed. The Wednesday before the wedding date, an email is sent out to my crew outlining the time and location of the venue, and decorating elements that is required. A decorating to do list is placed in my office with my client’s contact information. My decorating associate knows of this process and can take over in the event something (horrible) happens to me. (Knock on wood.)

One week before the wedding, I also “prep” myself too. Here are some things I do to prepare:
-I file my nails really short so I don’t snag any décor fabric;
-I stop using hand lotion so I don’t get fingerprints on any décor items;
-I sleep at least eight hours a day to ensure I have energy for the big day;
-I stop eating carbohydrates, sugar, and junk food to prevent getting sick;
-I pop a lot of vitamins to prevent getting sick;
-I stop running by the Bow River in case I lose my footing, fall into the river, and break a limb;
-I stop using power tools to prevent cutting off any fingers. (I need all my fingers to decorate);
-I drive below the speed limit to prevent getting in an accident; and
-I stop driving on Deerfoot Trail to prevent getting in an accident because I am driving so slowly.

To my existing and new clients, here is my vow to you: "I vow to stay in one piece until the day after your wedding and I will ensure your wedding will be beautifully decorated by myself and my crew."

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