Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Huge Floor Sticker

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I love all things pretty and I try to make every wedding I decorate also pretty. A couple of blog entries back I talked a little bit about how to transform an ugly reception room. I talked a lot about covering up walls and enhancing positive features of the room. (Like people, everyone and everything has positive features. If you disagree, send me a picture of a room by email and I will tell you the positives!)

I didn't talk about ugly reception floors (even though it really bothers me) in that blog because I couldn't find a solution at that time. I have been keeping my eyes out ever since. Some would say there is nothing that can be done or everyone is used to seeing a portable parkay dance floor. Well, not anymore!

There is a company called Dance Floor Decor that makes custom floor decor for clients. Think huge floor sticker. Imagine the possibilities of your dance floor, it can be customized to your wedding colors, include your initials or even personalized logo. I wouldn't suggest putting your picture on the floor cause it might get pretty dirty after a full night of dancing! Here are some pictures of their custom work.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Custom Project Tip!

When purchasing materials for a custom project, you can do it one of two ways. First, you can draw out your project on grid paper with all the measurements and calculate the exact number of materials you require. Math not being my strongest subject in class, I usually opt for the second option. I go to the store and buy them out of the material that I need. Sadly, I usually lose the receipt and can’t return the many leftover materials I have.

For one of my custom projects I required a “ton” (I didn’t know exact number at the beginning) of silk red roses. I went to the store with just a concept in mind and ended up buying over 300 stems. I received a lot of weird looks at the store. One woman even came up to me and asked “why are you buying so many roses?” I wanted to tell her that I needed all these stems to recreate my own American Beauty poster, but I didn’t. I just politely said it is for a project.

After completing my project, (I am going to blog about the actual project after my client’s wedding) I had a “lot” (I didn’t count how many I had left) of leftover stems of silk red roses. Also, with a concept in mind, I decided to use these leftover stems for another project for my (same) client’s wedding. With the leftover stems, I created two 10” silk red rose pomanders.

Making the pomanders was easy. The real lesson learned is the importance of making sure you have enough materials before you start ANY project. As I was making the pomanders, I kept saying to myself “Oh gosh, I hope I have enough red roses, oh gosh…” Luckily, I did and have 12 stems leftover. I think I am going to spare myself the stress of making another project with my leftover, leftover stems. There comes a time when you know enough is enough. Here are the pomanders I created.

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