Sunday, April 25, 2010


I love meeting new people, whether they are new clients or vendors. (I am one of those people that chat up with others at the grocery store.) Sometimes I meet up with other business owners to learn about their business and to talk shop.

Recently, I had the opportunity of meeting Rebecca Ung, owner of Sky Earth Chi. She is a Feng Shui Master that specializes in the traditional feng shui methods of Xuan Kong and Bagua Feng Shui. In addition to providing feng shui consultation services, she also sells eco-friendly decor products. Since I always have weddings on my mind, here are some suggestions of how you can use some of Rebecca's products as part of your wedding design.

Wally Pocket - This is actually a felt pocket designed to be hung on walls for vertical gardening. Suggestion: If you are having an eco-friendly wedding and would like to create a focal point, this can be created by having several pockets on one wall and filing it with potted plants. This living wall can be the perfect backdrop when saying your wedding vows.

Sky Planters - These are upside down planters that can be hung from the ceiling. Suggestion: If you are planning an ultra-hip wedding and your venue has visible industrial piping on the ceiling, you may want to hang potted upside down flowers. Definitely cool and memorable.

Candles - These are 100% natural, biodegradable, and hand poured in Canada. There are no artificial dyes or colours are added. Suggestion: Candles are the perfect way to create ambience in a room. These can be used at the ceremony to frame the vow area, bring attention to the head table, and set around the reception centerpieces.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decorating Tip!

Never judge an object by it's finish.

I have always been a huge fan of Debbie Travis. I started watching and learning from her when she had a show called "Debbie Travis' Painted House." The most important thing that I learned from her is not to judge and (almost) everything can be painted. I followed this tip faithfully throughout the years and I believe my house is actually smaller now that it has about a 100 coats of paint on all the walls...and everything else.

During my trip to the Crossroads Farmer Market, I found some awesome candle holders. Not only were they the perfect size and style, they were made in Italy! The only thing that was not so perfect was the brass finish on them. There is nothing wrong with brass but I really needed them to look more modern for an upcoming wedding I am decorating. You probably guessed what I did with them....yup, I painted them. Here are the before and after pictures. (Check out my photography skills too. I took 50 pictures to get these 4 kind-of good ones.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fantasy Floral Designs

Flowers are tricky to choose - especially when you are not familar with the different varieties of flowers. Often my clients ask me for floral suggestions for not only their centerpieces but also their bouquets. My clients also ask me what flowers are IN style. I always tell them that what is IN style doesn't really matter, the most important thing is to choose flowers that they like and goes with their wedding theme. For example, if you are having a modern outdoor wedding, a cascading bouquet might not necessary work. (If you love the look of the cascading bouquet, go for it. I know I am contradicting myself, but really, it is your day. You get to call all the shots.)

As an alternative to fresh floral bouquets, I came across a blog called Fantasy Floral Designs - Home of the Brooch Bouquet. A talented lady by the name of Amanda Heer creates these beautiful bouquets made out of brooches. I think this is a wonderful idea. It can be very personal, creative, and it lasts forever! This is a great alternative if you have heirloom brooches in your family already or if each family member wants to contribute to your brooch bouquet. Another great idea to throwing your bouquet to one lucky lady at the end of the wedding day is to take apart your brooch bouquet and give each single lady a brooch from your bouquet. (Of course, these shouldn't be heirloom brooches!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wishahmon Rentals

I am excited to announce that Wishahmon - Wedding Creations has now expanded to include rentals. These are not your typical chair cover rentals, they are custom projects made for former clients. (Happy clients too!) Hopefully, new clients will be able to incorporate these items into their own wedding. Each item can be personalized to suit their style and theme. Here are two examples of how this can be accomplished:

4 Tier Cupcake Stand - There are two designs for this cupcake stand, both with glass shelves. The stand with wooden separators can be decorated with different colors of ribbon or sashes. The stand with acrylic separators can hold LED lights, fresh or silk flower petals, candies, pearls, or LEGO? (The last one just popped in my mind.) There are endless amount of things that could be used to decorate this stand and make it personalized!

Wrought Iron Garden Hooks - An outdoor ceremony aisle can be made more special with these garden hooks placed either parallel to each other or staggered. Tin buckets or baskets can be hung on these hooks and filled with cookies? (Also, something that just popped in my mind.) Bunches of flowers can also be placed into cones and hung from the hooks. For an inexpensive option, different colors of ribbon can be tied from the hooks. Once the wind hits these strands of ribbon, it will create a lovely whimsical look.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Custom Ceremony Backdrop

When I started Wishahmon my goal was to create personalized weddings for couples. In order to do so, it requires a lot of creativity, drawings, and trips to home improvement stores. Not only have I learned to use a vast number of tools, I have also practically memorized the entire layout of Home Depot!

Recently I found my inspiration company called Because We Can, based out of California. At first glance at their website, it appears that they do mostly interior design and commerical spaces, but they also do signage and events. I absolutely love a custom backdrops that they made for one of their clients. For this particular backdrop, it appears that they had built a wooden stand/backdrop and decorated it with hand drawn panels and fabric. For more pictures of their backdrop, check out Eunice and Daniel's wedding.

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