Sunday, March 28, 2010

Calgary Zoo

Yesterday I went for my second photography outing at the Calgary Zoo in keeping with my "New Years resolution." I haven't been to the zoo in ages! (Not going to specifically say how many number of years!) I thought the Calgary Zoo would be a good place to shoot some "action" shots of animals. However, what I forgot was how inactive these animals are. Most of them were either sleeping or had their backsides to me. Taking pictures at the zoo made me realize that I need a new camera lens, maybe one with more "zoom." I think the next thing I need to learn is the proper name for these lens. Here are some of my pictures!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wishing Wall

In an effort to save money, I have been staying away from shopping malls. Instead, I have been doing some online shopping and paying for shipping! (My efforts of saving have gone out the window.)

I came across a wonderful product at Uncommon Goods called a “Wishing Wall.” Traditionally, at most weddings, guest sign a book or picture of the newly wedded couple. More recently, some couples have cards for guests to sign and to hang on a “wishing tree.” Personally, I feel that the traditional method does not allow me to write enough blessings to the couple. Regarding the wishing tree, I don’t really want other guests to read what I wrote to the couple!

The Wishing Wall is a wonderful compromise, much like a marriage. Guests can write all their blessings on a piece of paper, roll it up and place it in one of the compartments. They can be as creative and personal as they want. Not only is this a neat way for the couple to reveal and store all the blessings from their guests, I think it will also look cool as a piece of modern artwork.

The Wishing Wall comes with a wish chest and sells for $45.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creative Candleholders

I love being creative and using items that would be otherwise overlooked. I came across a wonderful idea at happy mundane. They used empty wine bottles as candleholders! While this is a lovely idea, I only suggest it if you are already a wine lover. I don't suggest you go out, buy twenty bottles of wine, drink all of them, and then use them as candle holders. Remember, this look can only be achieved if all the bottles are the same. I guess a 24 pack of beer would work too. Whooo....dark brown or green candle holders. Lovely!

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