Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Themed Wedding!

I think everybody agrees with me when I say that not all of your Facebook “friends” are actually friends you keep in close contact with. When I got a Facebook message from Randi on some random day, I was so surprised that she remembers me! I believe I actually said that out loud! I was so happy to hear from her and to learn she is engaged and getting married to Bill. When Randi asked if I could meet up with them to discuss their wedding décor plans, I happily said I would love to meet up with them and to catch up on the last “blank” number of years.

When I meet up with Randi, I noticed that some things just didn’t change. She was still a foot taller than me. (Okay, a LOT of people are…) What I did learn is how crafty Randi is or has become! She had so many great ideas and had handmade a lot of the décor items. She truly made my job easy. I just had to design and put together her wedding with all of the wonderful décor items she made.

Randi and Bill were going to have a pumpkin themed wedding at the Cochrane Ranche House. To this day, I still don’t know if they both like pumpkins or if only Randi does. Short of calling me a nerd, Bill didn’t say much about the décor. (His exact words (looking at Randi) were: “I guess you weren’t the only nerd in school.”) Assuming they both loved pumpkins, 40 full sized pumpkins and 10-20 smaller pumpkins were purchased for the decor. They also made pumpkins with sparkles. (This description does not do the pumpkins justice. Please refer to the pictures.) The centerpieces were wrought iron pumpkins with a pillar LED candle inside. All of the place cards were also small wire pumpkins. Needless to say, the venue was tastefully exploded with pumpkins. Here are some pictures!

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