Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

I had the opportunity to work with many wonderful couples this year. To congratulate them in celebrating their first Christmas and New Years together as husband and wife, I decided to make hand made Christmas cards for each of the couples. With each of my couples in mind, I made a total of 17 different cards. Each of them were personalized to their taste and style.

Making these cards were not an easy task for me. I have to admit that working with paper is not one of my strengths. However, with a huge stack of paper, lots of different kinds of glue and tape, and my trusty sidekick - my Cricut machine I finished this task!

Here are some of the cards that I made. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

InStyle Weddings Magazine

I am sure a lot of brides will be just as disappointed as I was when I heard that InStyle Weddings magazine is closing up shop. Their last issue will come out on December 25, 2009. As indicated in one of my previous posts, I love reading bridal and floral magazines. InStyle Weddings is one of my favorites. I don’t usually play attention to the “stars” that get married because I don’t usually recognize any of them. I have so many wedding shows on my PVR that Entertainment Tonight just does not get a chance in my little world.

The thing I love about InStyle Weddings is seeing how a room can be decorated with a $100,000 budget. I strive to “reproduce” some of the wedding decorations for my clients at a fraction of the price. (I sometimes dream of having clients come to me with a $100,000 budget and tell me to make transform the venue into something absolutely amazing.) This magazine inspires me to design a grand wedding for pennies for my clients. I think my clients appreciate that.

Here are some pictures from InStyle Weddings website for some final inspiration. (Yup, they are all d├ęcor pictures!)

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