Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hotel Arts Wedding

Maggie and Aaron is one really laid back and easy going couple. As a matter of fact, I saw Maggie at another wedding I was doing one month before hers. I said: "Uhhh...Maggie, we really need to get together to nail down the final details of your wedding decorations." Her response: "Oh yeah, we should probably do that!"

We did meet up before their wedding and lucky for me, the previous design didn't change at all. They did throw in a little surprise task for me, which I will discuss on another post! Maggie and Aaron wanted a modern wedding with lots of fun. We accomplished this with lots of yellow cymbidium orchids and candy in their wedding colors. The overall look achieved was modern, fun, and laid back. Exactly what Maggie and Aaron wanted!

Images from top to bottom: Guest Sign In Table, Orchids All Over, Ceremony, Reception Entrance, Loads of Candy as Centerpieces, Custom Clear Cupcake Stand, Favor Boxes with Two Cute Dolls

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mission Impossible Wedding

The name "Mission Impossible Wedding" was coined by the groom, Daniel. He was trying to lighten the mood when I met up with him and his bride, Cathy, for a consultation meeting. During the meeting, they told me that the wedding is in two weeks, the reception is held in one area of the restaurant and they would like it closed in from outsiders, and the decorator has one hour to set up. As I sat there listening to them, I thought to myself "they are going to say "just kidding" very soon....."

Daniel and Cathy were both very serious and this was not a joke at all. They had planned to decorate the reception on their own with some friends but they ran out of time. I don't usually take on clients this close to their wedding date, but I really wanted to help them out. (I also wanted to take on this challenge!)

In one hour and 15 minutes (I squeezed in an extra 15 minutes), my crew and I set out burgundy and gold swirl organza table cloths on all the guest tables and head table; decorated the guest sign in table; decorated the cake table; decorated the cake (first for me!); set out centerpieces, menu cards, table numbers, and favors; set up a backdrop; and set up poster sized pictures on one side of the room. Time was tight but we managed to get everything done! Here are the pictures of the wedding!

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