Friday, May 29, 2009

Art Gallery Wedding

Trendy and hip couple, Nena and Dan decided against the traditional Chinese ceremony and reception locations and opted to have their ceremony at The Art Gallery of Calgary instead. They decided on having their ceremony at the Top Gallery, followed by a sushi and cocktail reception.

Although, they had decided against the traditional wedding locations, they couldn't disregard some Chinese taboos. The gallery was showcasing a series of black and white photographs in the area where the wedding was going to be held. Black and white photographs are often associated with death in the Chinese culture. To bring some "life" into the room, we incorporated a lot of color in the decorations. Colorful chairs with pink organza sashes were used in the ceremony. The bride's mom works at a flower shop and provided me with fresh pink, yellow, and champagned colored long stem roses for my decorations. (It was a dream come true for me!!)When the room was all decorated, it was cool, colorful, and smelled like sweet roses!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manpreet and Jas - Wedding

I had a the opportunity to meet a beautiful bride, Manpreet. She found her soul mate, Jas, and decided to move to BC with him after the wedding. During our consultation meeting, Manpreet brought her maid of honor with her. As we were discussing the design of her wedding, I noticed that Manpreet and her maid of honor became emotional after they realized that Manpreet will be leaving her family and friends the day after the wedding. As I was brainstorming ideas for the wedding decorations, I knew that her family and friends were really important to her and I really had to personalize her wedding. Here is what we came up with!

Instead of a sign in book, I made postcards for all of her guests to sign. Some of these postcards had postage on them. Manpreet's maid of honor was to send these postcards to her at later dates, so that she can have a "little bit of home" when she least expects it. The front of the postcard had a picture of Manpreet with her family or friends. A different postcard was placed on each place setting, so that guests will have a chance to look at the different pictures.

Instead of a card box, we used a small decorative suit case instead!


Welcome to the Wishahmon - Wedding Creations blog! I am so excited to have this "outlet" to express my thoughts, share my work, and provide tips on how to design a personalized wedding. In my future blogs I will also share with you new trends and showcase some work from other wedding professionals too. I hope this blog will inspire brides and grooms to design their very own unique and personal wedding. Please check this blog often!

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